2015/01: The AspheroMaster® is TRIOPTICS' answer to the ever-increasing demand for measurement systems for aspheric and freeform surfaces.

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2015/01 TRIOPTICS is presenting its innovative MultiCentric® Cementing Station for the first time at the SPIE Photonics West 2015. This device aligns and cements lens pairs quickly and precise. It is a further development of the well-established OptiCentric® Systems.

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In November TRIOPTICS Germany hosted the first customer workshop at their headquarters in Wedel. Fifteen attendees took the opportunity to get informed about "Innovative Manufacturing Techniques for High-Performance Optics and Camera Modules".

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This year, TRIOPTICS introduced itself for the first time as exhibitor on the VISION in Stuttgart.

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TRIOPTICS presents ProCam® the new product group for active alignment and testing of camera modules.

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TRIOPTICS developed the flexible and high precision alignment turning station ATS 200.

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2014/09: Fully automated IOL testing in complicance with ISO 11979

TRIOPTICS successfully presented the OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2 for measurements of IOL lenses at the ESCRS in London.

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2014/06: Modern optic systems require modern assembly and joining techniques. The trend of keeping production dimensions as small as possible while maintaining or increasing optic imaging capacity leaves little room for mechanical equipment to align the individual elements in the end product. The two methods of directional adhesive bonding lenses in their final cell and alignment turning provide attractive solutions under these conditions.

More about alignment turning and adhesive bonding

2014/06: Air spacing and center thickness measurement within optical systems with an accuracy of 0.15µm More about the low coherence interferometer.

2014/06: TRIOPTICS presents new booth design at Optatec in Frankfurt - the international trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems.

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2014/01: "Image Quality Testing Improves as Cameras Advance" by Dr. Daniel Winters An overview of state-of-the-art technology for image quality testing of mass-produced camera modules for consumer devices, including recent developments and new challenges.

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2013/12: The second Optical Manufacturing & Optical Metrology Workshop was hosted by the TRIOPTICS USA team & Davidson Optronics.

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2013/10: OptiCentric® MAX UP is the ultimate solution for ultra-accurate alignment, assembly and final inspection of large and heavy lenses.

Find out more about lens assembly and measurement.

2013/10: OptiCentric® Cementing increases productivity when assembling and cementing lenses. Find out more about cementing and assembly of lenses.

2013/10: Testing camera modules for consumer devices that combine optics with a sensor and a read-out circuit is an important application in the market. Since the resolution of the sensors have increased, active alignment of the optics is also becoming more important.

More about our product group for active alignment and testing of camera modules.