Leading to the Future of Optics

Optical systems have changed the world. And they will continue to do so.
TRIOPTICS is significantly involved in this process.

We have the largest spectrum of optical measurement technology and supply test systems for R&D and Production for every manufacturing step in optics: From a system for refractive index measurement, via various lens test systems with an autocollimator as measurement head, up to MTF test systems and camera module testers, we can supply the appropriate optical measurement system for every process step.

TRIOPTICS has successfully applied its competence in optical measurement technology to develop and market different systems for the active alignment and assembly of lenses and camera modules. This is the key for automated production systems which result in a combination of both: aligning and measuring.

TRIOPTICS launches a new non-contacting measurement system for single lenses that is optimized for usage in the optics...
The intuitive user interface allows easy setting of the vast measurement options.
Precise lens centering measurement, alignment and assembly system OptiCentric®.
With public funding of the European Union and the federal state Schleswig-Holstein Trioptics is developing next generation's...