Upgrades & Accessories

The OptiCentric® systems are modular and can be expanded with upgrades and accessories to extend their range of application when measuring centration, aligning lenses and cementing of achromats:

Accessories for the Bonding and Cementing Process

Accessories for the Alignment and Assembly of Optics

UV light source, manual bonding unit with foot pedal, automated bonding unit, needles and tubes for bonding unit, other accessories

Manipulator for Various Sample Sizes 

The manipulator can be adapted to different sample sizes. It is possible that the customer does the adaption.


Various chucks are available for use when cementing to an arbor or a rod lens, which ensure both good pre-centration of the sample and a stable mount. Individual solutions may also be developed, depending on the geometry of the sample.


A range of different adhesives are available to choose from and purchase. In addition to the required accuracy, selection of the correct adhesive also depends on the refractive index, the geometry of the sample and the subsequent application. Therefore, the best solution always has to be found individually. Our professional team will gladly advise you if needed and automatically provide the appropriate adhesive. 

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are also often used in production to quickly and easily load design files of various types of lenses into the software.



Further Updates, Upgrades and Accessories

Additionally almost all updates, upgrades and accessories available for OptiCentric® are available for OptiCentric® Cementing as well.