OptiCentric® 9 – Comprehensive Software for the Centering Measurement

Centration error measurement with the software OptiCentric® 9
Centration error measurement with the software OptiCentric® 9

The new OptiCentric® 9 software allows intuitive control of the complete measuring and alignment process of an OptiCentric® system. For user-friendly operation, all setup steps and test sequences were mapped in linear processes. The newly designed software guides the user through all sub-steps, whereby only the relevant details are displayed. In this way, the software focuses on the essentials and increases process reliability.

The check begins with the selection of the relevant testing process. This can be, for example, the centration test of a single lens, the cementing of a doublet or triplet or the bonding of a lens into a mount. The user is guided through the setup steps and receives assistance wherever necessary. The software checks the respective inputs for plausibility and thus ensures the configuration of a correct process flow. Then the measurement takes place. Its measurement results are statistically analyzed and output in a clear table or integrated in a measurement certificate.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive and professional control of all measuring and alignment processes
  • User-friendly and intuitive handling due to a linear process structure and guided processes
  • Data acquisition and evaluation of all integrated sensors as well as checking the measuring process
  • Patented MultiLens software module for the measurement of complex objective lenses
  • Centration error calculation and alignment independent of the primary alignment accuracy of the reference element by a freely definable mechanical or optical reference axis (SmartAlign)
  • Flexibly configurable data import and export allows a fast and complex connection to existing processes or databases
  • Optional software extensions for the measurement of objective lenses, aspheres and cylindrical lenses

Software Modules for Special Tasks

The three powerful modules MultiLens, Alignment and SmartAlign make OptiCentric® a highly precise system for the inspection and alignment of complex objective lenses.

Configuration of a MulitLens measurement
Configuration of a MulitLens measurement

MultiLens: Measuring and Aligning Lenses to a Freely Selectable Reference Axis

MultiLens is the software module for measuring objective lenses. The centration error of each individual surface of an objective lens and the overall centration of the system are determined non-destructively. This information can be used to calculate the centration of each lens or sub-group to a freely selectable reference axis.

Alignment: Alignment of Lenses

The alignment module enables the production of doublet or triplets and mounted lenses. It supports the planning of the complete alignment process including the application of the adhesive and its curing.

SmartAlign: Centration Error Adjustment In Reference to a Pre-adjusted Axes Only

The SmartAlign module allows the precise and fast alignment of optical elements to a user-defined axis. This reference axis, which can be represented by optical or mechanical surfaces, only needs to be pre-adjusted for this process. Therefore, this unique tool is used successfully especially in automated OptiCentric® cementing and bonding systems.