ImageMaster® PRO 5 Ultra - Ultra Fast MTF Testing Worldwide

Measurement chamber with 17 telescopes and a tray with 148 sample
Measurement chamber with 17 telescopes and a tray with 148 sample

The ImageMaster PRO 5 Ultra is the next highly improved production MTF tester from the parent ImageMastrer® PRO 5 series. It is ideally suited for mobile phone and digital camera lenses measuring isolated samples and objective lenses. In applications for isolated objective samples the Ultra series achieves a measurement time of less than two seconds per sample.

Key Features

  • Measurement time less than 2 seconds thanks to improved software algorithms
  • High accuracy: 2.5% MTF off-axis
  • Measurement results traceable to international standards
  • MTF on up to 49 field positions
  • Batch testing of trays with up to 148 lenses
  • Construction with stable feet and improved mechanics
  • Higher accuracy due to high precision stages and new motor controller
  • High precision sample holders for 5MP, 8MP, 12MP lenses and higher
  • Cleanroom class 100/ISO 5


The ImageMaster® PRO 5 Ultra MTF test station measures the following parameters of digital and cell phone cameras:

  • MTF on and off axis
  • Multi frequency MTF measurement
  • Effective Focal Length (EFL)
  • Flange Focal Length (FFL)
  • Field curvature
  • Tilt of image plane
  • Depth of Focus DOF
  • Best focus position
  • Astigmatism
  • Relative distortion
  • Chromatic aberrations