Sorting time per sample 3 sec / 2.2 sec (two gripper)
Units per hour (UPH) 1100 pcs
X/Y/Z Portal travel X= 540 mm
Y= 330 mm
Z= 65 mm
X/Y/Z Portal accuracy 10 µm
X/Y/Z Portal repeatability 2 µm
Maximum stage speed 700 mm / sec
Motor system Servo motor; spindle stage with encoder
SortMaster Compact dimensions
(Length x width x height)
L=103 cm
W=80 cm
H=136 cm
(+ monitor H =185 cm)
SortMaster Compact and ImageMaster® Compact PRO dimensions
(Length x width x height)
L=190 cm
W=80 cm
H=164 cm
(+monitor H =185 cm)