Software for Automated Image Quality Testing

The software for the MTF tester is specially designed for the use in a production line environment.
ImageMaster® PRO provides a stable platform and overwhelming number of features. Software uses proven algorithms for calculation of the MTF, automatic correction for spatial frequencies in off- axis positions taking into account of the sample distortion, noise reduction and provides reliable and ultra-accurate measurement results.


  • Automatic pass or fail results based on a multitude of freely selectable criteria
  • Software enabling real- time images of all cameras.
  • Individual setting of spatial frequencies for each camera
  • Settings to enable focusing curve for on-axis and/or off-axis cameras
  • Three security levels, set up files and critical functions are password protected
  • Storage of lens and batch data, data analysis over Excel
  • Graphical intuitive representation of the measurement data in order to detect lenses out of specification at an early stage
  • Polar diagram for displaying MTF symmetry in image field