ImageMaster® Lab VR - A Measurement Device for Testing VR Lenses

The TRIOPTICS ImageMaster® product group is a comprehensive system of measurement devices for determining the imaging quality of optical assemblies. The ImageMaster® Lab VR was specifically developed for the measurement and qualification of virtual reality optics. It uses a high-contrast, programmable display as a light source and object generator. In addition to veiling glare, the device measures focal length and, with an optional upgrade, MTF, distortion and chromatic aberration. The veiling glare index and MTF can be determined for different wavelengths by illuminating the display in different colors.

Key Features

  • Measurement with high-contrast, programmable display
  • Measurement possible for various wavelengths (RGB)
  • Simulation of human eye movement
  • Measurement possible for various pupil distances and sizes

Measurement Parameters

The ImageMaster® Lab VR measures the following Measurement parameters:

  • MTF
  • EFL
  • Distortion
  • Chromatic abberation
  • Dependency on pupil position within eyebox
  • Stray light (veiling glare)