PrismMaster® Comparison - Goniometer

The PrismMaster Comparison Goniometer is ideal for high precision angular measurement of prisms and other plano optical components in production environment. It measures production samples in comparison to a known reference sample. Featuring measurement times of less than one second per sample the PrismMaster Comparison provides an unbeatable quick result.

The first reference measurement is done using a reference prism with known angles. These angles are stored in the software. Using the swivelling arm the autocollimator is positioned to the surface to be measured. Further measurements are made relatively to the angle of the reference prism without further movement of the autocollimator. The results are given as a difference to the reference prism or as an absolute value of the measured angle. Measurements can be done in reflection for outer prism angles and in transmission for internal deviation angles.

Key Features

  • Autocollimator mounted on stand with swivel arm
  • Accurate manual fine adjustment with arcsec sensitivity
  • Stand with hand wheel for convenient swivelling and a scale helping to find the angular position
  • Second autocollimator for transmission measurements in ground plate
  • Measurement times of less than one second per sample with pass/fail information
  • Measurement in reflection for outer prism angles
  • Measurement in transmission for internal deviation angles
  • Tilt and rotary sample table with height adjustment for different sample sizes
  • Sample table comes with three different interchangeable three ball supports


The Comparison Goniometer is used for angle measurements of any plano optics in production quantities with high speed and consistent accuracy:

  • any prism angles
  • wedge angle
  • 90°-angle of prisms
  • measurement of small or antireflex coated samples
  • parallelism of plane plates
  • deviation angle through wedges and prisms
  • pentaprisms angle
  • mirror tilt