OptiAngle: The Complete Software Package for Angle Measurement

The software OptiAngle® is a powerful tool covering all aspects of accurate angle measurement with the TriAngle electronic autocollimators in terms of measurement, control and analysis of the angular data. The well organized and modern menuguided user interface assists even the inexperienced operator to perform accurate measurements and to obtain repeatable results. A large set of pre-defined standard measurement applications is integrated into OptiAngle® which cover all established measurement techniques in optical and mechanical industry. In addition, customized measurement routines can be easily developed and embedded either by TRIOPTICS or the experienced end user. All OptiAngle® measurement functions can be further used in other common applications like Lab-View or Visual Basic (Excel).

Software Features und Functions

The TriAngle software provides many features to simplify the daily use of TriAngle autocollimators whether in the laboratory or in the production environment.

  • Real-time camera display
  • Numerical and graphical display of measurement data
  • Optional full screen camera window (visual alignment mode)
  • Indicators inside the camera window
  • Simultaneous measurement with multiple (up to 12) autocollimators
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple surface reflections (up to 12)
  • Comprehensive data reporting functions
  • Data export format: ASCII (CSV), XLS, PDF
  • Selectable angle units for screen display and measurement certificate
  • Software remote control by host computer via RS232, TCP/IP interface
  • Programming interface by automation or via DLL
  • Scripting mechanism for customized measurement programs
  • Scripting interface for user-based solution
  • User defined measurement certificate layout
  • Demo programming examples for LabView, and VBA (Excel)
  • Multiple camera interface technology for IEEE 1394 (FireWire) or USB. On request: Gbit Ethernet, CameraLink or  Analog Video Cameras
  • Production mode for batch/lot sample identification and result reporting
  • Load option of saved results
TriAngle modular software concept
TriAngle modular software concept

Easy Integration of Customized Measurement Solutions

The OptiAngle® software allows the integration of customized measurement programs with a dedicated user interface for specialized target applications. Custom specific measurement routines and display functions are quickly implemented to take care of specialized procedures, e.g. in a production environment. 

The advantages are: 

  • User interface adapted to specialized applications
  • Increase of throughput
  • Avoidance of faulty operations in production processes
  • Integration of external hardware and software possible
  • Adaptation to familiar data processing and display


OptiAngle® Programming Interface (API)

In addition to the above scripting mechanism, the OptiAngle® functions can be embedded into a larger measurement framework which then can take control over the full functionality of OptiAngle® measurement applications.

OptiAngle® features an open software concept and programming interface which allows for the flexible and easy integration into other software environments. The angle measurement functions of TriAngle autocollimators can thus be integrated into almost any existing measurement application. In contrast to the scripting technology the user himself is enabled to develop the interfacing between the TriAngle autocollimator and his governing application. OptiAngle® functions are executed either by sending commands via serial port (RS232) or TCP/IP, or directly using the DLL based C programming interface (API). Existing sample applications and the comprehensive documentation demonstrate the control of TriAngle autocollimators by LabView, VBA, Excel. TRIOPTICS will be happy to assist the user to integrate the TriAngle functions into his own application.