ProCam® Align Smart – Active Alignment, Assembly and Testing of Camera Modules for R&D Applications and Low to Mid Volume Production

Exchange unit for the production of one type of camera module
Exchange unit for the production of one type of camera module

With ProCam® Align Smart, TRIOPTICS offers a stand-alone solution for the highest optical performance in camera module production by using active alignment.

The manufacturing process starts with automated glue dispensing, followed by the alignment of the optics to the sensor or vice versa. Alignment includes precise adjustments for translation, tilt, focus and rotation to allow for optimal image quality. The process finishes with the automated curing process.

By using exchangeable assembly jigs, the ProCam® Align Smart features the possibility of manufacturing multiple camera module types within one instrument. These customized jigs allow very short changeover times between the assemblies of different types of camera modules.

Key Features

Integrated gluing process
Integrated gluing process
  • Active alignment within the range of sub-microns in up to six degrees of freedom (based on real-time MTF)
  • Higher production yield with the highest possible image quality
  • Highest alignment precision by using special technology and modern arithmetic algorithms
  • Optimized system for R&D assembly and low to mid volume production
  • Target projection: test charts or/and collimators possible
  • Automation process: handling, gluing, aligning and curing
  • Corresponding software for process control
  • Final MTF quality control
  • High flexibility: assembly of multiple camera modules
  • Quick changeover time
  • Clean room certificate on request


  • Active Alignment and Assembly of Objective Lenses and Image Sensors