Camera Module Production: Active Alignment, Assembly and Testing of Camera Modules


ProCam® is a series of ultra-accurate measurement and production instruments for camera module production. It is easily adaptable to various customer applications and well suited to face the upcoming challenges on the high-end consumer and industrial camera module market. The TRIOPTICS ProCam® product range covers the entire spectrum of assembly to final testing of camera modules and complete cameras from the R&D phase to mass production. 

The need for high volume assembly together with the demand for improved quality makes the ProCam® Align technology an ideal solution to meet production challenges. The optimization of the image quality by using active alignment technologies leads to a decrease of production rejects i.e. camera modules with insufficient image quality. The increase in yield and image quality at the same time makes active alignment a more cost-efficient production method for high-end camera applications.


The CamTest product portfolio also includes measurement systems with test charts for applications with finite object distance, as well as innovative solutions with collimators for infinite and variable object distances. Motorized focusable collimators make it possible to use software-controlled infinite and finite object distance configurations in the same measurement application. Finally, testing in very wide field of view configurations (up to 180°) is possible with this technology.