Whitepaper about Alignment Turning

High Precision Lens Assembly with Alignment Turning Machines.



High Precision Lens Assembly with Alignment Turning Machines

In recent years, alignment turning technology has experienced some key developments. Progress has been made with regard to aspheres, cylindrical surfaces or "best fit" centration of lens groups. It has also been possible to significantly increase the accuracy that can be achieved, in particular because the machines and control technology used have been optimized. Further accuracy gains for high precision optical assemblies are achieved when the processing and measurement sequences are optimized specifically for the sub-micron range. Iterative processing with integrated measurement of the reference surfaces is key to this.

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New application report about alignment turning

Alignment turning – fast production of high performance lens systems

The more precisely the distance of individual lenses can be set in a lens system and the better the respective optical axes of the individual lenses are aligned to each other, the more the imaging quality of the lens system can be increased. The following article describes the advantages that alignment turning offers over conventional methods in this process.




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