Visit us at OPTATEC

2016/06 Visit us at OPTATEC | June 7th-9th 2016, Frankfurt

We are exhibiting the following products:

Precise Radius Measurement for Optics Manufacturing >> More Info

OptiSurf® LTM
Lens Thickness Measurement System for the Optics Production>> More Info

ImageMaster® HR mit Upgrades
Versatile Measurement Systems for Objective Lenses and Camera Modules with Upgrades for:

  • Testing of Camera Modules (ProCam® R&D)
  • Off-Axis Wavefront Measurement

>> More Info

Innovations in the Field of Centering Measurement, Alignment and Assembly of Lenses:

  • Lens alignment and cementing on arbor
  • Lens alignment and cementing with respect to the optical axis
  • Lens assembly and bonding in 5 degrees of freedom in a cell
  • Motorized tilt and translation table (TRT)
  • New lens rotation device

>> More Info

PrismMaster® 150 HR
High Precision Goniometer for Angle Measurements on Prisms, Polygons and Wedges >> More Info

ATS 200
Alignment Turning Machine with Integrated Measurement Technology and Automated Alignment Chuck >> More Info

Active Alignment of Camera Modules >> More Info

Electronic Autocollimator for high precision Angle Measurement >> More Info

Interferometer for Surface and Wavefront Measurement >> More Info


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