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Efficient Automated Alignment of Doublets

OptiCentric® LensAlign 2D Air

NEW: Air Manipulator und Vacuum Unit

The new OptiCentric® module LensAlign 2D Air is TRIOPTICS' solution for traditional lens alignment via air manipulation as an automated and user-independent alignment process. The entry-level solution facilitates quantification of production results.

>> LensAlign 2D Air Brochure


A Measurement Device for Testing of VR Lenses

ImageMaster® Lab VR

The ImageMaster® Lab VR was specifically developed for the measurement and qualification of lenses used in Virtual Reality applications. It measures the MTF, EFL, chromatic abberation and distortion as well as the veiling glare index which is an important figure of merit of VR lenses. The chromatic dependence of all parameters is determined by using the displays´ individual color channels.

An automated eyebox simulates the lens behavior in case the lens is not perfectly centered in front of the eye. Furthermore the eye’s distance to the VR lens and the pupil diameter can be adjusted to the measurement task. The swiveling telescope performs on and off-axis measurements simulating the rotational movement of the human eye over the entire field of view.

>> More about the ImageMaster® Lab VR


Innovative Technologies: 

Rotation-free Technology Increases Speed and Flexibility

OptiCentric® Linear

Conventional centration measurement is based on the rotation of the sample around its vertical axis. However, this method is time consuming and not suitable for position-sensitive lenses. To allow centration measurement in these situations, TRIOPTICS developed the new measurement method OptiCentric® Linear.

As reference this method uses the trajectory of the autocollimator’s focus point during its linear movement. The center of curvature of each surface is analyzed in relation to the focal point of the autocollimator. Then, the measurement results are corrected with the available correction values that depend on the current position of the collimator’s head lens.

As rotation of lenses is not necessary with OptiCentric® Linear technology new applications become possible, such as:

  • Serial measurements and for production with high efficiency
  • Measurement of position-sensitive lenses in a horizontal setup as a variation of the traditional vertical lens orientation

>> OptiCentric® Linear Brochure


Universal Power and Wavefront Testing


The advantage of wavefront measurements are its extensive analyses that offer in-depth insights into the imaging quality of the sample. Extended possibilities are offered by the new measurement technology UniWave:

  • With a high measurement speed a range of parameters can be measured simultaneously: aberration, refractive power, and detection of surface defects
  • Dynamic wavefront measurement of 0 D to ±90 D allows for higher flexibility
  • The higher spatial resolution by a factor of 2 to 4 provides detailed information about imaging errors for the sample aperture of up to 10 mm.
  • Easy intuitive handling – because little alignment of the sample, with related time-consuming settings, is necessary
  • The compact instrument design is built without movable components, which makes it a highly robust and reliable measurement system

>> UniWave Brochure



Further applications shown:


World Standard MTF Measuring device

ImageMaster® HR


Goniometer for Accurate Angle Measurement of Prisms, Polygons and Wedges

PrismMaster® 150 HR


Flexible and Compact Interferometer for Laboratory, Production and Research



Electronic Autocollimator for Optical Angle Measurement



Center Thickness Measurement of Single Lenses and Achromats

OptiSurf® LTM


Active Alignment, Assembly and Testing of Camera Modules







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