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Laser World of Photonics

26th - 29th June 2017
Munich exhibition grounds

Booth #A2-405

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Automated Alignment of Micro Lenses for Highest Precision

OptiCentric® Cementing

OptiCentric® Cementing allows the automated cementing of doublets and triplets. With a repeatable precision of better than 1 µm micro lenses are positioned. The cycle time can be reduced to 15 seconds for measurement and alignment and provides efficient working conditions. More...


Measurement Device for Testing of VR Lenses

ImageMaster® VR

The ImageMaster® VR has been specially developed for the measurement of lenses used in VR applications. In addition to veiling glare, the device measures focal length and, with an optional upgrade, MTF, distortion and chromatic aberration. The special design of the measuring telescope on a swivel arm simulates the rotational movement of the human eye. It captures the entire field of view, which also extends over the edge regions of the VR lens which are crucial for the lens design. Furthermore, the eye’s distance to the VR lens and the pupil diameter can be adjusted to the measurement task. More...


Fully Automated Centration Testing of Aspheres

AspheroCheck UPThe brand new measurement system AspheroCheck UP allows measuring the shift and tilt of aspheric surfaces with respect to arbitrary reference axes. The software-controlled process includes fully automatic positioning of both the sample and the non-contact sensor for highest measurement precision and repeatability. More...



Further applications shown:


High-Speed Rotation-Free Centration Measurement

OptiCentric® Linear PRO


Centration, Center Thickness and Air Gap Measurement in Lens Systems

OptiCentric® 3D 100


Wavefront and Centration Measurement of Laser Rods

Laser Rod Test Station


Versatile MTF Measuring device

ImageMaster® HR


Goniometer for Accurate Angle Measurement of Prisms, Polygons and Wedges



Flexible and Compact Interferometer for Laboratory, Production and Research

µphase® Vertical


Electronic Autocollimator



Optical Angle Measurement with Large Measuring Range of up to 10°

TriAngle VLF


Visual Optical Measurement Devices







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