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We cordially invite you to visit us at our booth A2.405 at the LASER World of Photonics in Munich to experience our new product developments live.

LASER World of Photonics 2019

June 24 to 27, 2019
Munich exhibition grounds


Booth #A2.405

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Comprehensive off-axis wavefront measurement

WaveMaster® Field

The new WaveMaster® Field was explicity designed for use in research and development and is launched at Laser 2019. The system enables both the comprehensive measurement of samples across their entire field of view and a subsequent in-depth analysis. Individual incident angles and wavelength can be flexibly adjusted to simulate changing lighting conditions. Adaptions to different samples can be made just as easily.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive off-axis wavefront measurement
  • In-depth Zernike analysis of aberrations as a funtion of field angle and field position
  • Ensuring the high imaging quality over the sample's entire FOV
  • High flexibility through a wide range of measureable EFLs, exit pupil diameters and sample holders



Optical centration measurement of lenses and optical systems

OptiCentric® 101

One of our highlights is the introduction of a newly developed, enhanced OptiCentric® for centration testing of lenses and optical systems. Experience its increased accuracy for multilens measurements and doublet alignment!

Key features:

  • Ultra-stable vibration-free design allows for high measurement speed
  • Increased accuracy of multilens measurement procedure
  • Lens alignment processes benefit from improved mechanical stability



Flexible goniometer for quality assurance

PrismMaster® Flex

Another highlight is the new versatile configurable goniometer PrismMaster® Flex. With its modular product concept the efficient and easy to use goniometer is particularly suitable for various measurement requirements in quality control of prisms in optics manufacturing. In its standard version as a comparison goniometer the PrismMaster® Flex enables the production-related quality testing of prisms and plano optics. Higher configuration levels enable angle measurement in absolute values up to measurement of spatial angular relationships.

Key features:

  • Modular goniometer in three configuration levels
  • Easy to configure as comparison or absolute goniometer
  • Angle measurement of prisms and plano optical components in optics manufacturing
  • Absolute goniometer configured to measure in one or two azimuth



Optical performance testing of waveguides

ImageMaster® Lab AR

TRIOPTICS offers flexible testing solutions for the emerging VR/AR market. Measurement tasks for AR module qualification as well as projector and waveguide testing can now be performed with the new ImageMaster® Lab AR.

Key features:

  • Highly accurate measurement of waveguides, projector lenses, projectors and AR modules
  • Measurement of various pupil sizes and at various eye relief distances
  • Scanning of exit pupil (eyebox scan)



Quality testing of camera modules and optical sensor systems

CamTest Smart

TRIOPTICS has recently developed a very compact system: CamTest Smart. A 100% testing technology of all essential image quality characteristics of camera modules in just one system. It includes focusing or fixed collimators, a test chart, an integrating sphere and evaluation software. Thus, the system covers besides common optical and optomechanical parameters like MTF, SFR, defocus, image plane tilt and distortion, additional sensor testing parameters such as OECF, dynamic range, white balance, relative illumination, spectral response and more. Further benefits of the CamTest Smart instrument are: small footprint, flexibility concerning different products and fast changeover times.

Key features:

  • Testing of all essential image quality characteristics in just one compact system: MTF, tilt, defocus, relative illumination, spectral response and more
  • Including focusing or fixed collimators, test chart, integrating sphere and evaluation software



Further applications shown:

Testing of optical components:

Electronic autocollimator for angle measurement



Ultra compact Twyman-Green/Fizeau interferometer



Assembly and testing of lens systems:

Fully automated centration testing of lens systems

OptiCentric® 100 with Lens Rotation Device


Automated centration measurement of aspheres

AspheroCheck® UP


Testing of image quality:

Image quality testing

ImageMaster® HR Ultra Precision





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