Strengthening and utilizing economic and scientific potential

Dr. Bernd Buchholz, Minister of Economic Affairs, Transportation, Labor, Technology and Tourism, discusses additional measures to increase the attractiveness of Wedel and the surrounding area as an important commercial region with Eugen Dumitrescu, Managing Director of TRIOPTICS GmbH.

With currently 250 employees, TRIOPTICS GmbH as a leading manufacturer of optical test instruments is an important factor in the fields of labor and economy in Schleswig-Holstein’s Pinneberg region. This makes the company an important contact for achieving one of the state government’s major goals: to promote new technologies and existing technology companies in the state more strongly. To evaluate specific needs, Dr. Bernd Buchholz, Minister of Economic Affairs, Transportation, Labor, Technology and Tourism, met with Eugen Dumitrescu and Steffan Gold, Managing Directors of TRIOPTICS GmbH, on March 9, 2018 for a discussion in Wedel. 

TRIOPTICS‘ wide range of products and its international commitment open up new potential to the company today that no one would have thought of when the company was founded 27 years ago. “Over the past few years, we have been able to increase our business success consistently, even exceeding the goals we had set for ourselves. We want to continue doing that in the years to come,” says Managing Director Steffan Gold. The company has already ensured one key element is in place for its future success by building a new headquarters. By investing 15 million euros in a new development and production site in Wedel, a cornerstone has been laid for realizing new innovative products. However, long-term and continued success also requires the support of the state of Schleswig-Holstein as well as improvements in labor market policy.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein has already demonstrated its commitment in sectors of the maritime economy, life sciences, renewable energies, food industry, telecommunication and media (ITM) and tourism. “We also need better networking among all players in business, science and politics in the optical industry and measurement technology,” demands Eugen Dumitrescu, founder and Managing Director of TRIOPTICS. Experience with a targeted cluster policy has shown that the shared enforcement of concerns and the development of innovation potential across multiple sectors help strengthen this region in the long term. “With initiatives from the state, a great deal can be achieved in the optical industry for this region,” confirms Gold. 

“For us, retaining qualified employees is at least as important as regional communication,” Dumitrescu explains. Even though the labor market in Schleswig-Holstein has been sturdy in the past few years, there is a shortage of skilled staff. Many positions at TRIOPTICS GmbH have not been filled. There is a particular need for engineers specializing in physics and optics. Dumitrescu believes that a degree program in “physics engineering” should be introduced at Wedel University of Applied Sciences.

In this context, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Bernd Buchholz, mentioned the shared efforts of his governmental department and the Ministry of Education to secure the next generation of specialists, both academic and non-academic. Among other things, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is providing support to Westküste University of Applied Sciences for its “imaging” specialization. In addition, Buchholz stated that the state is currently working on increasing the number of civil engineering degree programs. Kiel University of Applied Sciences has plans to create an entirely new engineering degree program.


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