Quality Testing of Camera Modules and Optical Sensor Systems

CamTest Smart allows testing of all essential image quality characteristics of camera modules in just one device.

Today, the increased demand for complex camera systems used in safety-related and automated object recognition and classification, for instance in the safety & surveillance sector and automotive industry (keywords: autonomous driving and driver assistance systems), has resulted in new and more stringent requirements for the characterization of image quality and the assembly of camera modules. The entire test chain for optical systems, sensor components and complete camera systems must meet these new requirements. To accomplish this, TRIOPTICS offers the matching technologies and benefits from its long-standing experience in optical testing and complements them with new measurement systems.

In this context, TRIOPTICS has developed a new 100% testing system for all essential image quality characteristics of camera modules: CamTest Smart. It is a very compact system, which integrates all test parameters in just one device. In addition, it is flexible in design and thus in the selection of necessary measuring chambers. The CamTest Focus or CamTest MTF as well as the CamTest Chart and CamTest Spectral measuring chambers can be integrated.

Therefore, along with common optical and opto-mechanical parameters such as MTF, SFR, defocus, image plane tilt and rotation, and distortion, the system also covers additional sensor testing parameters, including OECF, dynamic range, white balance, relative illumination, spectral response and more.

Key Features and Benefits

• Testing of all essential image quality characteristics of camera modules

• A very compact system suitable for flexible low to mid volume production and R&D

• Flexibility with regard to different products

• Fast change-over times

• Target projection: focusing and fixed collimators, test chart, integrating sphere

• Manual and automated loading possible

Visit TRIOPTICS at the 2019 LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich, to see the new CamTest Smart at our booth.


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