OptiCentric® Bonding 5D

2015/07 High Precision Alignment of a Lens in a Cell in 5 Degrees of Freedom

The OptiCentric® Bonding 5D Station has been developed to achieve the highest accuracy requirements during alignment of a lens in a cell.

The system achieves positional accuracies of:

< 1 µm in x,y,z direction and

< 2 arcsec in θx,θy direction

The system automatically aligns a lens within a cell in 5 degrees of freedom so that the optical axis of the lens coincides with the axis of symmetry of the cell in tilt and shift. The lens is not supported within the cell, but can be shifted to any target position on a lens holder.

In addition, the OptiCentric® Bonding 5D Station determines the axial gap in the Z direction between a reference surface, e.g. the upper flange surface of the cell, and the lens vertex. The integrated OptiSurf® low-coherence interferometer is used for this purpose. After the measurement, the lens is positioned in the Z direction.

The process-based and user-friendly software means the system can also be operated by less qualified staff. Consequently it is ideal for the production of high precision optics. The short process time of 5 min – without applying cement and UV curing – guarantees cost-effective production of these optics.

The system is designed for lens geometries from 10 to 150 mm and cell geometries from 20 to 260 mm diameter and can quickly and easily be adapted to the respective lens geometry.


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