Nomination for the inspect award 2019

The OptiSpheric® AF 500 INV from TRIOPTICS has been chosen by the jury to be among the nominees for the next inspect award 2019 – and from now on takes part at the readers‘ poll.

Who will win an inspect award 2019?

A readers‘ poll will decide which ones of the nominated products will be the first, second and third winners in the two categories "Vision" and "Automation + Control". Voting takes place online until October 15, 2018:


What is OptiSpheric® AF 500 INV?

With the OptiSpheric® AF 500 INV, TRIOPTICS GmbH has developed a measurement system that is specifically designed for the precise measurement of flange focal distance and effective focal length of camera lenses – regardless of their physical length. Mounting lenses on the measurement instrument is facilitated by the simple implementation of customer-specific sample receptacles. The measurement system was designed as a compact setup without external moving parts. Together with its tried-and-tested software, it is simple and user-friendly to operate. The integration of a precise stage and an optional linear encoder result in significantly higher reproducibility of the measurements.


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