ImageMaster® PRO 10

Significant increase in measuring speed and accuracy

New Measurement functions: relative illumination and chromatic aberration

The new ImageMaster® PRO 10 sets the benchmarks in the highly accurate MTF measurement for the measurement of mobile phone lenses and other small lenses with significantly improved measuring speeds and accuracies.

Compared to the previous model, the measuring speed increased by 15% to 1.3 seconds per lens or 2700 lenses per hour.

Further hard- and software improvements increase the MTF measurement accuracy by 20% to +/- 1.5%. This results in a significant reduction in the reject rate because the higher measurement accuracy allows for lower tolerance limits to the minimum MTF to be achieved.

The new ImageMaster® PRO 10 also provides additional measurement functions. For example, measurements at different frequencies and RGB measurements can be performed to determine chromatic aberration. An upgrade of four additional cameras allows the measurement of relative lighting. The RI-measurement is becoming increasingly important in the quality control of high end consumer objective lenses.


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