Becoming More Efficient AND Increasing the Imaging Performance of Doublets? We Say Yes!

View TRIOPTICS online event discussing strategies for active alignment of lenses.

The online event was presented live on March 29, 2017 and had a duration of 60 minutes. Now, it's recording can be reviewed!


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About the online event:

As today’s optical systems require higher performance, we present solutions for the alignment of doublets and triplets that guarantee smaller tolerances in a shortened production time.

At the beginning of the online event traditional alignment methods are reviewed and evaluated. Easily limitations become visible that have to be overcome to realize a cost efficient assembly of doublets or triplets, reduce waste and still meet tighter tolerances. Subsequently, a new strategy for the automated active alignment of lenses is presented. Using TRIOPTICS OptiCentric® systems these working principles are practically demonstrated and discussed. An overview on the variety of available solution is given.

The information is presented in a dialogue between the moderator and the expert using animated charts for demonstrating technical details, video sequences and directly at the alignment instrument. After the live presentation of the solutions and products, participants were given the chance to have individual question answered in a Q&A session.


Expert: Patrik Langehanenberg, R&D Manager OptiCentric®
Moderator: Fabio A. Kraft


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