Automatic, full-field characterization of wavefront defects in large, bi-telecentric lenses

The WaveMaster® UST combines precise wavefront measurement technology with expertise and experience in the manufacturing of complex measurement systems.

The result is a wavefront measurement system which automatically measures the entire field of bi-telecentric lenses at multiple wavelengths. Field sizes of greater than 70 x45 mm² can be measured on the object side, and greater than 100x100 mm² on the image side. The lenses themselves with holder can weight up to 450 kg.

The system's high degree of automation enables measurement in the entire field, shortens measurement time and rules out operating errors almost entirely. Various field positions on the object side are approached during the measurement, and the wavefront sensor is positioned accordingly on the image side. The imaging unit s is a highly precise Shack-Hartmann sensor, which is equipped with imaging optics customized for bi-telecentric lenses.

The modern, intuitive software makes working with the WaveMaster® UST easy. For example, pre-configured measurement processes in the software can be used for repetitive measurements.

In designing the system, TRIOPTICS relied on its positive experiences with the use of granite. Thanks to its construction on a granite base, the WaveMaster® UST is a stable measurement system which is characterized by extraordinary rigidity and thermal stability. The system has dimensions of 2820 mm height, 1350 width and 1945 mm depth.

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