AspheroCheck-UP-Brochure-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 208 K Download
AspheroCheck-UP-Brochure-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 207 K Download
AspheroMaster-EN-Brochure.pdf pdf 1.2 M Download
ATS-Brochure-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 2.0 M Download
ATS-Brochure-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 1.9 M Download
Automation-Brochure-DE-V-000.pdf pdf 167 K Download
Automation-Brochure-EN-V-000.pdf pdf 165 K Download
CamTest-Modules-Brochure-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 418 K Download
CamTest-RD-Brochure-EN-V-000.pdf pdf 256 K Download
D-271-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 158 K Download
D-275-AAT-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 161 K Download
ImageMaster-Compact-PRO-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.9 M Download
ImageMaster-Compact-Wells-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 2.3 M Download
ImageMaster-HR-EN-web.pdf pdf 2.5 M Download
ImageMaster-HR-IR-Product-Brochure-D.pdf pdf 2.2 M Download
ImageMaster-HR-IR-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 2.2 M Download
ImageMaster-HR-Options-and-Upgrades-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.4 M Download
ImageMaster-MF-200-Smart-DE.pdf pdf 196 K Download
ImageMaster-MF-200-Smart-EN.pdf pdf 299 K Download
ImageMaster-PRO-5-Compact-Brochure-E-web.pdf pdf 1.1 M Download
ImageMaster-PRO10-Product-Brochure-EN.pdf pdf 591 K Download
ImageMaster-PRO9-Prospekt-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.5 M Download
ImageMaster-Product-Prochure-E.pdf pdf 5.4 M Download
ImageMaster-Universal-3D-Prodcut-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.3 M Download
ImageMaster-VISION-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.7 M Download
LaserRod-Flyer-Web.pdf pdf 509 K Download
LensAlign-2D-Air-Brochure-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 297 K Download
LensAlign-2D-Air-Brochure-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 295 K Download
LensAlign-4D-Brochure-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 321 K Download
LensAlign-4D-Brochure-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 319 K Download
Mirror-Collimator-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 498 K Download
MultiCentric-Cementing-Station.pdf pdf 1.6 M Download
OptiCentric-100-Brochure-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 6.5 M Download
OptiCentric-100-Brochure-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 6.5 M Download
OptiCentric-100-Brochure-short-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 2.6 M Download
OptiCentric-100-Brochure-short-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 2.6 M Download
OptiCentric-IR-Flyer-DE-web.pdf pdf 276 K Download
OptiCentric-IR-Flyer-EN-web.pdf pdf 144 K Download
OptiCentric-Linear-Brochure-DE-V-000.pdf pdf 609 K Download
OptiCentric-Linear-Brochure-EN-V-000.pdf pdf 608 K Download
OptiCentric-Linear-PRO-Brochure-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 209 K Download
OptiCentric-Linear-PRO-Brochure-EN-V-002.pdf pdf 208 K Download
OptiCentric-MAX-UP-Bonding-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 4.6 M Download
OptiSpheric-E-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.1 M Download
OptiSpheric-WaveMaster-IOL-Brochure-EN.pdf pdf 877 K Download
OptiSurf-LTM-Brochure-DE-V-001.pdf pdf 201 K Download
OptiSurf-LTM-Brochure-EN-V-001.pdf pdf 200 K Download
OptiSurf-v1.0-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.9 M Download
OptiTest-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 3.3 M Download
PrismMaster-150-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 434 K Download
PrismMaster-300-HR-MAX-Brochure-EN-V000_.pdf pdf 316 K Download
PrismMaster-300-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 1.2 M Download
SortMaster-PRO-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 0.9 M Download
SpectroMaster-Product-Brochure-E-2015-1.pdf pdf 2.6 M Download
SpectroMaster-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 2.6 M Download
Spherometer-Product-Flyer-DE-Web.pdf pdf 198 K Download
Spherometer-Product-Flyer-EN-Web.pdf pdf 196 K Download
Spherometers-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 2.0 M Download
TriAngle-NIR-E.pdf pdf 2.8 M Download
TriAngle-Product-Brochure-DE-web.pdf pdf 1.4 M Download
TriAngle-Product-Brochure-EN-web.pdf pdf 1.5 M Download
TriAngle-VLF-Flyer-EN.pdf pdf 117 K Download
TRIOPTICS-Our-Products-total-overview.pdf pdf 4.3 M Download
TRIOPTICS-Service-Flyer-DE.pdf pdf 753 K Download
TRIOPTICS-Service-Flyer-EN.pdf pdf 589 K Download
uPhase-Interferometer-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 2.7 M Download
uPhase-PRO-Product-Brochure-E.pdf pdf 791 K Download
WaveMaster-Compact-Universal-E.pdf pdf 701 K Download
WaveSensor-E.pdf pdf 296 K Download


Technical Support

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015



TRIOPTICS overview
The entire Spectrum of Optical Metrology

Flatness Measurement
Flatness Measurement with TriAngle Autocollimator

Optical Systems for Defense and Security
Experience the Difference for Mission Critical Optics
Naval | Airborne | Ground

Intraocular lens (IOL) testing
OptiSpheric® IOL PRO 2 for IOL lens testing

Alignment Turning Station
ATS 200- flexible and high precision alignment turning device

Prism and Polygon Measuring
PrismMaster Goniometer- accurate and automatic prism and polygon measuring System

Testing of Camera Modules
PROCAM Align- High Precision Active Alignment and Testing of Camera Modules

MTF Testing
ImageMaster PRO 9 - MTF testing in mass production of mobile phone lenses

Lens Alignment and Bonding of Lenses into a Cell
OptiCentric Bonding Station

Lens Alignment with the MultiCentric Cementing Workstation
MultiCentric Cementing Workstation

SmartAlign - Efficient Lens Alignment and Assembly Processes