WaveMaster® Smartgage - Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor for Use in Production

The stand-alone instrument represents innovative vibration-insensitive Shack-Hartmann technology to achieve highest quality management levels in production areas.

Key Features

  • Very fast measurements, measurement time 1 sec
  • Efficient control of production processes
  • Certified measurement results
  • Vibration-insensitive Shack-Hartmann technology, ideally suited for production areas
  • Pass/fail analysis
  • Available in three Versions: Basic, Standard, Advanced, upgradeable
  • Network connection
  • Export of measurement data, also using a SQL Server via network
  • Unchallengeable data quality


WaveMaster® smartgage at work
WaveMaster® smartgage at work
  • Measurement of flat and spherical samples
  • PV, RMS according to ISO
  • Zernike and Seidel Coefficients
  • PASS/FAIL Indication
  • Relative ROC Measurement
  • Provide a measurement protocol