OptiCentric® Software - The Most Comprehensive Software for Professional Measurement of Centration Errors

The user of an OptiCentric® system controls the entire measurement procedure and for OptiCentric® MAX UP Bonding the bonding process via the OptiCentric® software. All components, upgrades, measurement and analysis programs are integrated in the software program, so that users can perform their measurements easily, quickly and to a high degree of accuracy.


  • Centration measurement in transmission and reflection with tolerance input
  • Real time indication of centration error and alignment vector (size + direction)
  • Teach-in procedure for positions of all axes
  • Programmable sequence of dispensing and alignment process
  • Management of sequences for different samples
  • Two password protected user levels
  • SmartAlign software module for intelligent alignment of lenses in non-centered mounts
  • Software controlled alignment tool with tolerance input for automated lens positioning
  • Angle reading for positioning of sample

More information see OptiCentric® MAX UP Software