OptiCentric® Bonding 5D Software

OptiCentric® Bonding 5D Software Screenshot
OptiCentric® Bonding 5D Software Screenshot

The software in the OptiCentric® Bonding 5D Station guides the user simply and intuitively through the alignment and bonding process.


  • Fully automatic alignment process in five degrees of freedom
  • Simple and intuitive user guidance through the bonding process with depiction of the workflow
  • Integration of all features from the OptiCentric® and OptiSurf® software
  • Lens centration error measurement: Simultaneous measurement of both lens surfaces with live image views
  • Visualization of the target positions for both lens surfaces
  • SmartAlign software module for smart alignment of a lens with reference to an individual reference axis
  • Individually customizable process
  • User-friendly setup of a new sample using Teach-In functions in the process manager
  • Optional: Barcode-Scanner for automatic loading of all process-relevant parameter