MultiCentric® Software

The software controls the simultaneous measurement of the three autocollimators and the entire cementing process including centration error measurement, lens alignment and UV curing.


  • Fully automated process of measurement, alignment and UV curing
  • Live image of all three centers of curvature, or live image of each single surface
  • Centration measurement in reflection with tolerance Input
  • SmartAlign software module for intelligent alignment of lenses with respect to the optical axis of the lower lens
  • Real time indication of centration error
  • Saving of focal plane positions and Centers of curvature
  • Angle reading of azimuthal position of the sample
  • Two password protected user Levels
  • Timing control and start/stop of UV light source
  • Drawing of lens design for easy orientation
  • Automated imaging of each step of measurement for visual control
  • Manual and automated stage contol (Focus, air bearing, piezo, UV Illumination)