OptiCentric® Bonding Software - Software for Measurement, Lens Alignment and Bonding of Lenses into a Cell

OptiCentric® Bonding Software
OptiCentric® Bonding Software

The OptiCentric® Bonding Software controls the entire bonding process including measurement, lens alignment, glue dispensing and UV curing.


  • SmartAlign software module for intelligent alignment of lenses in non-centered cells
  • Centration measurement in reflection with tolerance input
  • Real time indication of centration error and alignment vector (size + direction)
  • Teach-in procedure for positions of all axes / stages
  • Individually programmable sequence of dispensing and alignment process (script based)
  • Management of sequences for different samples
  • Saving of all process parameters, including positions of focal plane and centers of curvature
  • Automated detection of alignment holes in cell
  • Angle reading of azimuthal position of the sample
  • Software modules for the positioning controller for positioning of all stages (autocollimator, dispenser, manipulator) and actuators
  • Automated and manual timing control over UV light source and glue dispenser
  • Two password protected user levels