OptiCentric® 100/300 IR - Test of Infrared Lenses

Motorized head lens revolver
Compact control unit

Dual Band MWIR-VIS Centration Testing and Alignment of Optics

OptiCentric® 100/300 IR is TRIOPTICS solution for the lens centering measurement of optics for infrared. The system is equipped with a combined VIS-MWIR or VIS-LWIR measurement head and can measure all kinds of infrared optics.


To achieve the best accuracy possible for lens alignment and measurement of infrared optics it is key to choose the right wavelength.

  • The measurement of single lenses and the assembly of lenses in reflection can be done in the visual range. Here an accuracy of 0.1 µm is achieved.
  • The measurement of lens systems and the measurement in transmission need to be done in the infrared range.

Key Features

  • Combined MWIR and VIS instrument with automatic exchange of measuring heads (LWIR optionally available)
  • Lens centering measurement accuracy of ≤ 0.1 μm for VIS and ≤ 1.0 μm for MWIR
  • Measurement of air gaps and center thickness within assembled infrared lens systems (optional integration of OptiSurf®/OptiSurf® IR)
  • Measurement of lens centering of min. 20 surfaces in VIS
  • Measurement mode reflection; transmission measurements optional
  • Software is optimized for the measurement of IR optics
  • High ease of use: handling of infrared systems identical to VIS Systems
  • For IR measurements a laser light source with pinhole target is used:
    • High intensity
    • Compensation of thermal background before taking a measurement
    • Clear spot with high contrast
    • Spot trajectory is precisely monitored by software
  • IR Upgrade for existing OptiCentric® systems is available


IR lens on a tilt and translation table (TRT)
IR lens on a tilt and translation table (TRT)
  • Measurement of the lens centering within a IR lens system
  • Measurement of all kinds of infrared optics