OptiCentric® 100 OptiCentric® 300
Measurement accuracy in VIS range 1) 0.1 µm 0.1 µm
Lens rotation Air bearing AB 100
(option: lens rotation device )
Air bearing AB 300
(option: lens rotation device)
Sample diameter 0.5 – 225 mm
(0.5-125 mm or
0.5 to 200 mm lens Rotation device)
0.5 – 400 mm
Max. sample weight Max. 20 kg 300 kg
Linear stage Motorized and PC-controlled4) Motorized and PC-controlled
Measurement head
for VIS spectral range 2)
electronic ACM,
200 mm EFL
electronic ACM,
200 mm EFL
Light source3) High power LED light source High power LED light source
MWIR or LWIR measurement head option option

1) In stable environment conditions in 100 mm height over the top surface of the air bearing
2) Other electronic autocollimators on request
3) Other on request
4) Manual stage on request