OptiCentric® Software - The Most Comprehensive Software for Professional Measurement of Centration Errors

The user of an OptiCentric® system controls the entire measurement procedure via the OptiCentric® software. All components, upgrades, measurement and analysis programs are integrated in the software program, so that users can perform their measurements easily, quickly and to a high degree of accuracy.

Main Advantages

  • Real-time display of measurement value/Live measurement of centration error
  • Measurement in reflection and transmission depending on OptiCentric® system
  • Coordinated control and analysis of all stages
  • Data capture and analysis of all integrated sensors
  • Autofocus
  • Options for the measurement of objectives, aspheres and cylindrical lenses
  • Patented MultiLens option for the measurement of objectives
  • Centration error calculation and alignment to a user-defined mechanical or optical reference axis SmartAlign
  • Data import and export
  • Pass/fail indicator