OptiCentric® 100 IR OptiCentric® 300 IR
Sample diameter 0.5–225 mm 0.5–400 mm
Max. sample weight Max. 20 kg 300 kg
Lens rotation Air bearing AB 100
(option: lens rotation device)
Air bearing AB 300
(option: lens rotation device)
Stage Motorized and PC-controlled Motorized and PC-controlled
IR-measurement head Standard: VIS-MWIR
Option: VIS-LWIR
Standard: VIS-MWIR
Option: VIS-LWIR
Light source-MWIR2) HeNe Laser 3.39µm HeNe Laser 3.39µm
Light source -LWIR2) CO2 Laser 10.3-10.8µm CO2 Laser 10.3-10.8µm
Measurement accuracy IR autocollimator1) 1-2 µm 1-2 µm
Measurement accuracy visual autocollimator1) 0,1 µm 0,1 µm
Light source visual2)   LED light source

1) In stable environment conditions in 100 mm height over the top surface of the air bearing
2) Other on request


  • Second measurement head beneath the air bearing:
    Setup as OptiCentric® 100 Dual IR, OptiCentric® 300 Dual IR


  • Equipped with low-coherence interferometer OptiSurf® for the center thickness measurement:
    Setup as OptiCentric® 3D 100 IR, OptiCentric® 3D 300 IR


Typical scope of delivery

  • OptiCentric® System
  • 17 Zoll rack with controller Units and PC
  • Software
  • Monitor
  • Set of head lenses
  • Accessories