OptiCentric® Cementing - Doubles the Efficiency of Your Cementing Process

OptiCentric® Cementing
OptiCentric® Cementing

With OptiCentric® Cementing TRIOPTICS has developed a production device for the lens alignment process that more than doubles the throughput of the lens alignment process while increasing the accuracy of the lens alignment.



Depending on the configuration the system can be used for:

  • Alignment of a lens surface to an optical axis of a lens
  • Alignment of a lens with respect to the axis of an arbor

OptiCentric® Cementing is a perfect supplement for optical edging machines. As a preliminary step of the edging process, the OptiCentric® Cementing device aligns and cements lenses. If the lenses are aligned and cemented to each other the lenses are fixed with the bell clamping method in the edging machine. If the lenses are cemented on an arbor, the arbor is fixed in the edging machine and the edge of the lenses is machined.

Key Features

  • Aligning accuracy with SmartAlign better than 2 µm
  • Very short cycle, 10 s with MultiCentric® measurement head
  • Automated alignment of the centers of curvature of the top lens surface to a customer-specific axis with SmartAlign Technology
  • alignment to the optical axis of the lower lens
  • alignment to the axis of an arbor
  • Automated process: measurement, alignment and UV curing completely software controlled
  • Adapted to the production processes of lens manufacturers
  • Short set up time for other lens geometries
  • Based on well-established OptiCentric® measurement systems
  • High-precision measurement of centration error in reflection mode (0.1µm accuracy)


OptiCentric® Cementing aligning a pair of lenses
OptiCentric® Cementing aligning a pair of lenses
  • Automated lens alignment and cementing: doublets and triplets
  • Automated lens alignment and cementing to centration arbor or rod lens
  • Lenses are aligned and cemented to the optical axis and can be fixed with bell clamping method on the centration machine
  • High-precise measurement of centration error of doublets and triplets
  • Homogenous UV curing with constant rotation during illumination 
  • Manual lens alignment and cementing relative to circumference of lens possible on the lens rotation device 



OptiCentric® Cementing aligning a lens to an arbor
OptiCentric® Cementing aligning a lens to an arbor