Systems for Optical Centration Measurement and Alignment

The OptiCentric® product group sets the standard worldwide in optical centration measurement of lenses and optical Systems in the UV, VIS and IR range. With an extremely high centration measurement accuracy and their intuitive, integrated operation, OptiCentric® systems have become indispensable in modern optical engineering. It does not matter whether the sample has a diameter of 0.5 mm or 800 mm, weigths a few grams or more than a ton: the OptiCentric® for Metrology systems are modular and the right system is selected or configured depending on the sample and application. 

If lenses are not only being measured, but also actively aligned with the help of an OptiCentric® system, TRIOPTICS offers combined systems that build on the proven measurement technology and that are expanded with components for aligning, cementing and bonding. These systems from the OptiCentric® for Production series are a guarantee for the highest efficiency and production accuracy.