SpheroCompact® is an accurate and easy to use instrument designed for sagittal measurement of both concave and convex surfaces.

Key Features

  • SpheroCompact® is the first handheld spherometer with a high precision linear encoder featuring a bright digital readout, micron resolution and excellent absolute accuracy.
  • Precision spherometers offer dramatically reduced costs  for comparable accuracy.
  • Since the measuring procedure is so simple, no highly qualified personnel are required
  • The calibrated rings have precision-grinded reference surfaces and are machined from high quality stainless steel.
  • Ultra- precise ruby balls guarantee the highest hardness and unsurpassed thermal stability. The deviation from sphericity is less than 1/10 of a micron.
  • Easily removable rings of different diameters increase the versatility of the instrument and feature a very large measuring range covering almost all applications in optical manufacturing.


  • Concave or convex optical components
  • Metal and glass balls
  • Polishing tools
  • When it comes to measuring large aperture optics or radii longer than 1m[SW1] , the interferometers become impractical due to the high costs or impossibility to realize the extra-long mechanical set up.
  • Using spherometers the radius can be accurately measured before polishing, when it is still possible to correct the lenses. The accuracy of measurement is directly traceable to international standards, since TRIOPTICS spherometers are calibrated with (NIST and NPL) certified test plates.