SortMaster® PRO - Highly Efficient and Safe Solution for Sorting of Lenses in 4 Different Quality Classes

SortMaster PRO is an automated sorting system and the ideal complement to the MTF quality control of mobile phone lenses. In combination with the ImageMaster® PRO 9, the SortMaster PRO reliably sorts the products with the cycle time of 1.5 seconds in up to 4 different quality classes. The objective lenses must be sorted from the high-precision measurement tray directly into the output blister trays. The operator only needs to load the machine with a measurement tray and start the process. The automated process and the direct data exchange with the ImageMaster® PRO reduce errors in a 24-hour operation, so that the SortMaster PRO can increase production output and yield.

The automated handling of the filled and empty output blister trays is also organized. One operator can handle up to 3 SortMaster PRO machines in a production environment.

Other TRIOPTICS measurement devices like OptiSpheric® IOL and WaveMaster® PRO can be used together with the SortMaster PRO.

Key Features

  • Automated sorting of mobile phone lenses, mass production consumer optics, intraocular lenses (IOL) and lens elements in an isolated production cell 
  • Together with ImageMaster PRO 9, the sorting time per sample is 1.5 sec with four grippers
  • Units per hour (UPH) 2400 pcs
  • Motor system servo motor; spindle stage with encoder


Automated sorting of samples measured with one of TRIOPTICS’tray-based measurement devices:

  • Mobile phone lenses
  • Digital camera lenses
  • Lens elements
  • Copier and enlarger lenses
  • Intraocular, contact and other ophthalmic lenses
  • Endoscopes and other medical optics
  • Automotive objective lenses
  • Binoculars and telescopes
  • Military sighting devices
  • Image intensifiers
  • Machine vision lenses
  • Optics for space applications
  • Wafer level lenses (WLO)
  • Automotive cameras
  • Camera modules for applications in the VIS range