ImageMaster® Compact Efficient and Flexible MTF Test Station for Use in Prototype and Small Serial Production

Off-axis MTF measurement
Off-axis MTF measurement

The ImageMaster® Compact is a turn-key, cost-effective, horizontal table-top instrument capable of measuring image quality (MTF) and other optical parameters. Its modular design permits testing of a wide range of lenses and optical assemblies.

Key Features

  • Efficient and flexible MTF test station for R&D and small serial production
  • Cost-effective table-top instrument for smaller companies or with lower budget
  • The light source and filters offer a large spectrum for measurements at various wavelengths and the characterization of longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations.
  • Standard instrument is configured for testing optical systems with object at infinity
  • Changing between the infinite and the optional finite conjugate system is accomplished in just a few movements
  • Reconfigured within a few minutes for testing different optical systems
  • On- and off-axis measurements


ImageMaster® Compact is capable of accurately measuring a wide range of smaller lenses and optical assemblies, including systems with a 90° fold. Examples range from high-performance photographic lenses to endoscopes, singlets, doublets, or molded plastic lenses such as cellphone camera lenses.