TriAngle® NIR - Electronic Autocollimator

TriAngle NIR - Electronic autocollimator for near infrared
TriAngle NIR - Electronic autocollimator for near infrared applications

The TriAngle® NIR electronic autocollimators are based on the standard TriAngle design but employ NIR LED illumination for the reticle. The TriAngle NIR electronic autocollimators are commonly used for applications which require measurement at the design wavelength in the NIR.

It is used for measurements on material which only transmit light in the NIR range, such as are used in night vision devices. Another application is the laser beam alignment of lasers that emit light at a wavelength in the NIR spectral range.



Key Features

  • Standard wavelength: 1064 nm (other wavelengths available on request)
  • Maximum set of measurement functions including various wedge and prism measurements
  • Compatibility with objective tubes of different focal lengths
  • A variable measuring range and accuracy performance between 2.5 and 0.2 arcsec depending on the focal length
  • Modern high resolution sensors offering the best image quality and signal to noise ratio
  • NIR LED illumination
  • OptiAngle 5 Software


  • Measurements at wavelengths in NIR
  • High precision tilt angle measurement
  • Aligning multiple optical surfaces
  • Wedge angle in reflection
  • Wedge angle in double pass
  • 45° prism error
  • 90° prism error
  • Wobble
  • Angle calibration tasks
  • Straightness measurement
  • Flatness measurements
  • Corner cube inspections

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