ProCam® Test – Final Testing of Camera Modules

The ProCam® Test measurement system provides fast and comprehensive quality control for fully assembled camera modules.
It can be used as a (semi-) manual stand-alone measurement device for sampling or in small series production. Furthermore, it can be integrated in a fully automated production line for high-volume manufacturing.

View into a test chamber for measuring the distortion
View into a test chamber for measuring the distortion

The modular approach of the ProCam® Test system – using different innovative types of illumination – allows conducting a wide range of customer-specific camera tests concerning image resolution (MTF), image aberrations (distortion, chromatic aberration, …), color rendering and sensor properties (hot/dead pixel, noise, dynamic range, …).

Customers can choose between various software options for analyzing the measured data and configure the measurement criteria according to their individual needs.

Key Features

  • Modular test system for measuring a wide range of relevant optical camera properties
  • Can be used as stand-alone measurement system or as a fully integrated test module in mass production lines
  • Measurement of the full field of view of wide-angle cameras up to ±85°
  • Fast MTF-measurement with collimators or test chart
  • Determination of the image position – tilt and defocus of fully assembled camera modules
  • Flexible measurement of target object distances – from finite distance to infinity
  • Wide range and customized measurement targets and measurement parameters available
  • Free setting of test limits with data logging for traceability and statistical process control


  • Final Test of Camera Modules