Features ProCam® Align Smart
Alignment degrees of freedom (DoF) up to 6
6DoF linear alignment resolution < 0.1 µm
Final sample linear alignment accuracy < 2 µm
6DoF tilt alignment resolution < 0.1 arcsec
Final sample tilt alignment accuracy < 2 arcmin
Sample Effective Focal Length 1 to 12 mm (others on request)
Sample diameter 2 to 30 mm (others on request)
Field of View test chart
Field of View collimators
up to 70 °
up to 170 °
Max. UPH (Units Per Hour) 120* (single head)
Footprint (Length, Depth, Height) 1640 mm, 880 mm, 1840 mm
Camera interface MIPI, SPI, various analog, USB, FireWire, CamLink, GigE, custom (CAN, etc.)
Dispense technologies several options
LED UV cure several options
Post-curing optional (UV/thermal)

* depending on camera module frame rate, length of curing process and number of different parameters to be measured