ProCam Software

ProCam Software “CamAlign”
ProCam Software “CamAlign”

The ProCam® “CamAlign” software consists of components for the fully-automated active alignment process:

  • Using high precision image analysis algorithms, all relevant parameters for the accurate alignment process such as the MTF at multiple field positions and the tilt of the image plane are automatically analyzed in real-time and used in the alignment process.
  • All stages including the alignment, glue dispensing and curing process are software controlled for the highest automation integration.
  • With the integrated scripting tool, the measurement and alignment process can easily be tailored to specific customer needs and devices.
  • The measurement data of the finished module can be stored or written in a database for complete traceability within the process.
  • Configuration files for different types of camera modules.

For testing applications, a range of parameters can be automatically analyzed if the required hardware features are present:

  • Image quality properties: MTF
  • Opto-mechanical properties: sensor centering and tilt alignment, sensor rotation
  • Autofocus precision
  • Colour properties: color rendition, white balance
  • Sensor properties: dynamic range, linearity, noise, bad