CamTest R&D – Versatile High-precision Testing of Assembled Camera Modules for Prototyping and Quality Control

Upgrade ImageMaster® HR to CamTest R&D
Upgrade ImageMaster® HR to CamTest R&D

The CamTest R&D is a versatile R&D measurement device for testing various image quality parameter of camera modules. It features a wide off-axis angle range of up to +/-110°. The computer-controlled test target distance can be freely selected from finite distances to infinity using a focusing collimator.

The CamTest R&D is available for various wavelength ranges (VIS, NIR and LWIR).

The basic set-up of the CamTest R&D is based on the tried and tested ImageMaster® HR, the industry standard for testing image quality of objectives. Due to this fact, existing ImageMaster® HR instruments can be upgraded to CamTest R&D devices and vice versa.

Key Features

  • High flexibility in terms of different types of camera modules as well as possible measurements at different field positions
  • Wide angle range up to +/-110°
  • Determination of MTF, distortion, effective focal length, shift, tilt and defocus of the sensor, field curvature of the lens, chromatic aberrations, etc. of fully assembled camera modules
  • Multiple additional test options
  • ImageMaster® HR Upgrade – features the possibility to measure objectives additionally to camera modules
  • Connection between camera and software easily feasible by customer
  • Customized measurement programs can be generated with the existing scripting language, e.g. for data output


  • Final Test of Camera Modules