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OptiCentric® 3D IR

Measuring Lens Centering, Air Spacing, and Center Thickness within IR Optical Systems


OptiCentric® 3D IR provides the ideal solution for the complete optomechanical character- ization of assembled IR optical systems. The instrument integrates different lens analysis technologies and provides a valuable tool for the evaluation of complex optical systems in R&D or quality control in production environments. The two-in-one solution for the detailed investigation of assembled IR objective lenses combines the OptiCentric® centering error measurement technology with the low coherence interferometer OptiSurf®, which characterizes the air gaps between lens surfaces and the center thicknesses of lenses within the assembled optical system. The combination of both technologies significantly increases the overall measurement accuracy and gives more detailed information, e.g. for quality control during manufacturing.

Typical accuracy of the system is

  • Centering errors <1 µm
  • Air spacing and center thickness <1 µm




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