Our Commitment, Our Strength, Our Targets

Our Commitment on Our Products

Our products are characterized by high quality and a large range of functions. Our quality standards are particularly focused on the measurement precision of our instruments and the robust and user-friendly software. Our products are technologically leading and set new standards. Economic aspects, functionality, durability and design all play a role for the development of our products. Intelligent solutions make decent prices possible.

We offer: visual and electronic autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, spherometers, optical test stations, camera module testers, MTF testers, alignment turning stations, lens centration measurement systems, systems for active alignment, systems for cementing and bonding of lenses, interferometers, wavefront sensors, goniometers, measurement systems for IOLs.

Our Strengths

Our success is based on our consistent market orientation which secures us in the long term a strong position in the market and compared to our competitors. Our strengths are the high innovativeness of our employees, the quick implementation of technological impulses from the market into new products and the solution of customer-specific measurement tasks.

To ensure the continuation of our success, we promote pioneering spirit in our company so that we can shape the technological development from the frontline with creativity, open minds, and unconventional but analytical thinking. Precise detail work helps us reach our quality standards.

Our Targets

It is our ambition to expand our market leadership in all fields of activity. We want to make sure that our products are credible holders of the certification mark "Made in Germany". We want to continuously improve our quality and increase our efficiency through our quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 and our proprietary operating software. Furthermore, we have to adapt the company structure to the changes initiated through quantitative and qualitative targets.

Our long-term economic targets are a continued sales growth and an intensive market penetration.