Company Profile

Corporate Strategy

The TRIOPTICS GmbH is an internationally orientated company with headquarters in Germany. We are focused on optical measurement and manufacturing technology for lenses, lens systems and camera modules.

Our sales are globally positioned with subsidiaries in China, France, Japan, Taiwan, the USA and South Korea and distributors in UK, Israel and India. We work very customer-oriented throughout all our operations. Our ambition to offer our customers the best products and optimum problem solutions is realized with hard work, determination and expert knowledge.

Business Objective

TRIOPTICS develops, produces, and markets high-quality, innovative optical measuring and manufacturing technology for lenses, lens systems and camera modules, combined with powerful and intelligent software solutions.

Our Field of Activity

Our field of activity comprises the development and production of optical and precision instruments and components with the corresponding electronic controls. This is fulfilled at highest level through the combined expertise in the fields of technical optics, precision engineering, automatization and software development. We offer our customers professional consulting, design and development of complex optical measurement and manufacturing systems to solve their individual tasks. Our range of services is completed by a variety of measurement and calibration options for many optical parameters.